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Property Shop Investment has a well earned standing for delivering successful investments. PSI is the choice of many investors for a variety of reasons, one of them being our tailored investment opportunities, which ensure providing the client with an investment that matches his/her budget, expected return on investment and added value capital. We have the largest and most prominent portfolio of properties in UAE for clients to choose from. Our solid experience and accurate knowledge, compiled with our strong relations with UAE developers, is a guarantee that PSI is a dependable advisor. More so, we continuously deliver attractive investment opportunities for investors and end-users in collaboration with mortgage financers and developers.

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Yas Acres , Abu Dhabi District
Villa | 4,800.9 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:927 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 973.24 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,027 AED
The Bridges , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 643.88 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:78 AED
Mamsha Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 3,261.2 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:80 AED
Hidd Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Villa | 4,725 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,376 AED
Hidd Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Villa | 9,976 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:55 AED
Yas Acres , Abu Dhabi District
Townhouse | 3,383.05 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:916 AED
Park View , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 909 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,100 AED
Bloom Gardens , Abu Dhabi District
Townhouse | 4,556.4 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:48 AED
Al Hadeel , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,023 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:88 AED
Soho Square Residences , Abu Dhabi District
Townhouse | 2,081.95 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,361 AED
Mamsha Al Saadiyat , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,656 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,661 AED
Samra , Khalifa City A
Townhouse | 2,529.3 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:53 AED
Al Rahba 1 , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,956.17 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:1,150 AED
Mangrove Place , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 698.7 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:823 AED
Al Sana , Abu Dhabi District
Apartment | 1,570 sq.ft
Price/Sq.Ft.:764 AED

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